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This coloring book contains coloring pages based on real gems, rocks, and minerals. This book highlights a crystal's raw form, like its crystal shape, rather than what it looks like after being polished.

Tiffany received her bachelor's in geology. Each page includes a fun fact about each of the items pictured. For example, calcite has this amazing optical property, that when calcite is clear, it shows two images of itself. Some thought this was a watermark -- nope! Just amazing nature at work!

Specimens include: quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, rose quartz, citrine, banded agate, fire agate, geode, jasper, bloodstone, opal, snowflake obsidian, tiger's eye, tourmaline, beryl, corundum, topaz, turquoise, garnet, calcite, aragonite, desert rose, muscovite, fluorite, galena, gneiss, basalt, granite, and sandstone.

Real Gems & Minerals Coloring Book

    • PDF file
    • 33 Pages
    • 71.7 MB
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