Review of Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

For such a whimsical story, I love it!

Written by Al Perkins and illustrated by Eric Gurney, it's a book that I will always cherish.

I wish I remembered the first time this was read to me. What I do remember is reading this book often to myself and to my siblings.

I love the rhythm. I love the rhymes. I love the progression from one idea to another idea. With the right narrator, this book does a great job of teaching the absolute basics of rhythm and volume.

The board book is a great choice for babies. My board book has lasted quite well, even with gnawing. Silly babies!

The hardcover book (and I assume paperback) has one short segment that the board book doesn't. (The 'hello Jack and hello Jake' part).

Board Book (Amazon)

Hard Cover (Amazon)

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