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Tiffany Lloyd was born in 1990 in Provo, Utah. As a child, Tiffany was drawn to science and fantasy. She vividly remembers the planetary mobile she made out of hangers. Fortunately for her, Harry Potter took off right as she was learning how to read "big" novels by herself. 

In 2008, Tiffany attended Brigham Young University. She graduated in 2013 with a major in geology, a minor in music, and a Utah Teacher's License.

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She went on to teach for three years as a physical science teacher and an additional year as a substitute teacher.

She became a mother shortly after and currently has two daughters. 

Since she put teaching full-time on hold, she has been an online math and science tutor, a piano and violin music teacher, and a photographer.

Tiffany loves reading to her daughters and noticed that there weren't many children's books that taught science well or showed the cool parts of science.

Tiffany decided then and there to fix the problem. She loves geology, she loves teaching, and she loves writing. Put them all together and voilà! Tiffany's first published book was created. 

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